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McClellan Car Title Loans

What would you do if you got laid off from work and the bills started piling up? What if it happened right after you'd spent all of your savings replacing your refrigerator? What if the landlord threatened you with eviction if you're late one more week? If you have great credit, you wouldn't have much to worry about. You'd simply take out a personal loan to carry you over until your work schedule got back on track.

But what if you DON'T have good credit? Where would you turn for the money you need then?

Millions of Americans face situations like these every day. Some are lucky enough to have friends and family who can bail them out. Others aren't so lucky.

Where can they turn? Who will lend them money even if they have bad credit? Even if they aren't currently working?

McClellan Car Title Loans -- that's who!

What McClellan Car Title Loans Offers

Car Title Loans

At McClellan Car Title Loans, we specialize in providing loans to people who need a helping hand but don't have perfect credit. While most financial institutions base your loan worthiness on your credit report, we allow you to use a car you own to secure your loan. Instead of checking your credit, we'll hold the title to your vehicle as collateral. We'll keep your title until you repay your loan. Once it's paid off, we'll return your title to you. No hassles, no gimmicks and NO WORRIES.

Loan Application

Here's how it works. You bring us the title to a car you own. We'll inspect your vehicle to determine how much money we can loan you. Our loans are always based on your car's value. If you like the numbers we give you, we'll continue with the loan application. Once you sign the final documents and give us your original title, we'll give you your check. And we can do this without EVER checking your credit.

How to Apply for McClellan Car Title Loans

Start your auto title loan application right here, on our website. You'll see our car questionnaire to your right. Simply plug in your car's information, then click through to the next page. We'll ask for your name and contact information. Once you submit these, you'll get an instant auto title loan quote. Soon after, one of our friendly loan professionals will get in touch with you to walk you through the rest of the application. We can do much of this over the phone but you'll need to visit one of our convenient locations in the Memphis area to finalize the paperwork and give us your title.

We'll need some information to complete your application. This includes:

∙ The original auto title
∙ Proof of registration
∙ Proof of address
∙ Proof of income
∙ A list of personal references

*Please note: we can only accept car titles that are clear and lien-free.* This means you must own the car in full, with no payments left. It also means that no business can have a lien against your car. This happens when you owe a business money and that business legally applies for interest in your car to recover the money. Liens are rare but they do happen. You can run a lien check on your state's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website to see if there are any liens against your car.

If you've lost your title, don't worry. It's easy to replace it. Simply fill out a duplicate car title application at your nearest DMV. You'll need to have your driver's license with you to apply. As of 2017, the cost for a duplicate car title is $11.

Car Title Laws in Tennessee

Auto title lending isn't legal in every state. Luckily, it's a perfectly safe and legal method of lending money in Tennessee. As of 2017, title loans Memphis are capped at a maximum of $2,500. We can only lend to legal U.S. residents who are at least 18 years old. You don't have to have a job to get auto title loans Memphis. We accept all forms of alternative income, such as:

* disability
* child support
* alimony
* rental income
* retirement
* structured settlement payments

Don't own a car? That's okay, because we also accept titles to motorcycles, RVs, commercial vehicles, boats and campers!

Let Us Help You

Title loans Memphis, Tennessee provide borrowing opportunities for people who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn. Because of these loans, many people facing threatening financial circumstances are able to independently solve their dilemmas with dignity and confidence. No taking out short-term payday loans that only provide borrowers with a few hundred dollars that have to be repaid within a week. No visits to the pawn shop, where they'll surrender their valuable items to strangers who will only loan them a tiny fraction of what those items are worth. And no ruining their credit reports with multiple loan and credit card applications only to be turned down again and again.

Our clients use their loans for a variety of purposes. Some are trying to make ends meet until their finances return to normal. Some are paying off student debt, credit card bills and medical expenses. Some are financing an unexpected trip home to see a sick loved one. And still others just want enough money to treat themselves to a well-deserved vacation.

You don't need to justify your reasons for the money to us. Whatever you need it for, we're here to help you get it. Fill out our online loan application to see how much money you qualify for. You can also give us a call or visit one of our locations in the Memphis area. We can get you the cash you need as early as the same day you apply for it!

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